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Journey In Faith

Do you want to know more about the Catholic Church and her beliefs and practices? Do you want to come closer to God? Are you looking for the true meaning of life, why we are here, and where we are going? Each year we run a group to help with these and many other related enquiries. This is a course of instruction and prayer for those who wish to know more about Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.

This course is mainly for those who desire to become Catholic (whether or not they are already baptised). Adult Catholics who are not yet confirmed and want to receive this Sacrament are also welcome. No need to register. Just come to the first meeting.

Journey in Faith Programme 2017-18

The Journey in Faith programme for 2017-18 has been released (see below).

The programme is designed primarily for anyone who wishes to become Catholic, although each individual session can be attended on a stand-alone basis by anyone wishing to know more about the subject.


Session Number Date Session Leader Subject Notes
1 31/10/2017 Deacon Martin Introductions and Welcome Introduction to Programme and Team
2 7/11/2017 Fr. Peter Stoddart Prayer Introduction to Prayer - encouraging people to enter into journey of prayer as they journey in faith.
3 14/11/2017 Joe Ronan Jesus The person of Jesus
4 21/11/2017 Deacon Martin God & The Holy Spirit God in our lives and the power of the Spirit in our lives.
5 28/11/2017 Rosemary Theobalds Scripture Old Testament
6 5/12/2017 Fr. Christopher Warren Advent & Christmas The Church's year
        Preparing for Christmas
7 16/1/2018 Rosemary Theobalds Scripture New Testament
8 23/1/2018 Fr. Christopher Warren Sacraments Sacraments of Initiation
9 30/1/2018 Deacon Martin Sacraments Sacraments of Healing
10 6/2/2018 Fr. Peter Stoddart Sacraments Sacrament of Vocation
11 20/2/2018 Fr. Christopher Warren Lent & Easter Preparing for Lent and Easter
12 27/2/2018

Fr. Peter Stoddart

Reconciliation Preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation
13 6/3/2018 Fr. Peter Stoddart Eucharist The Mass explained
14 13/3/2018 Deacon Martin Discipleship Living the life Christ wants us to live
15 20/3/2018 Joe Ronan   Subject to be chosen by Group
16 27/3/2018   Easter Preparation for the Easter Vigil