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Journey In Faith

Do you want to know more about the Catholic Church and her beliefs and practices? Do you want to come closer to God? Are you looking for the true meaning of life, why we are here, and where we are going? Each year we run a group to help with these and many other related enquiries. This is a course of instruction and prayer for those who wish to know more about Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.

This course is mainly for those who desire to become Catholic (whether or not they are already baptised). Adult Catholics who are not yet confirmed and want to receive this Sacrament are also welcome. No need to register. Just come to the first meeting.

2019-20 Journey in Faith Programme

The content of the 2019-20  Journey in Faith programme has now been released (see below).

The programme will begin on 24th September. Each session will take place on Tuesday evenings in Saint Mary's Parish Centre, Hexham between 7:15pm - 8:30pm.

Date Subject Title Led by
24th September


Jesus 1

Introduction to one another and the programme

An Encounter With Jesus / Road to Emmaus

 Deacon Martin Bell

Fr. Christopher Warren

 1st October  Mass 1  Gathering and the Word of God: God's word speaks to us  Fr. Christopher Warren
 8th October
Mass 2
Eucharist: Jesus comes to us
Fr. Christopher Warren
 15th October
Prayer 1
Introduction to Prayer: Relationship with Jesus
Deacon Martin Bell
22nd October Scripture 1

Overview of the Bible

Old Testament: Story of Identity and Liberation

Rosemary Theobalds
5th November Scripture 2 Gospels: Encountering Jesus in the Gospels - Good News for us here and now Deacon Martin Bell
12th November Scripture 3 Paul and the other parts of the New Testament: Experiencing the Risen Jesus Rosemary Theobalds
19th November Prayer 2 Developing our relationship with Jesus: Lectio Divina and Imaginative Contemplation Deacon Martin Bell
 26th November
RCIA summary 1
 Preparing for the Rite of Acceptance into the Catechumate

Fr Christopher Warren

Deacon Martin Bell

Sunday 1st December   RITE OF CATECHUMATE  
3rd December Jesus 2 Who is Jesus? The Joy of the Incarnation Joe Ronan
10th December Seasons of Advent and Christmas Preparing for Christmas: Matthew, Luke and John Joe Ronan
7th January Sacraments 1 Introduction to the Sacraments Rosemary Theobalds
14th January Sacraments 2 Sacraments of Initiation 1: Living our Baptismal calling Temple Willcox
 21st January
Sacraments 3 Sacraments of Initiation 2: Eucharistic Living - our daily bread Fr. Christopher Warren
 28th January
Sacraments 4
Sacraments of Initiation 3: Encountering the Spirit in our lives
Rosemary Theobalds
 4th February
Sacraments 5
Sacraments of Vocation 1: Holy Orders - being called to serve
Deacon Martin Bell
11th February Sacraments 6 Sacraments of Vocation 2: Marriage - being called to love Joe Ronan
25th February Sacraments 7 Sacraments of Healing 1: Anointing of the Sick Fr. Christopher Warren
3rd March Sacraments 8 Sacraments of Healing 2: Reconciliation Fr. Christopher Warren
10th March Creed 1 I believe in one God: Who is God for me? For us? Deacon Martin Bell
Sunday TBC   Rite of Election (held at Saint Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne)  
 17th March
Creed 2
I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ: Passion, Death and Resurrection
Joe Ronan
 24th March
Creed 3 I believe in the Holy Spirit: the giver of life, the giver of gifts
Rosemary Theobalds
31st March Creed 4 I believe in the Church: a community of believers Temple Willcox
7th April Season of Easter Preparing for Easter: the Paschal Mystery Fr. Christopher Warren
Date TBC   Rehearsal for Easter Vigil Fr. Christopher Warren
 Saturday 11th April
  Rite of Initiation
28th April Living it: part 1 Mary and the Saints Joe Ronan
5th May Living it: part 2 Missionary Discipleship: Life in the Spirit Deacon Martin Bell
12th May Final session Recap  
19th May   Group Celebration