St Mary's

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church


Church Restoration Fund

In July 2017 we launched an appeal to raise £50,000 to pay for:

  • Repair work to the crenellated parapet to the bay window roof above the altar.
  • Re-roofing the Sacristy to halt rainwater penetration.
  • Work on the west wall of the church, including new guttering.

This appeal reached its target during February 2019; an excellent result, achieved more than five months ahead of the planned schedule. A huge thank you must go to everyone who made a donation, no matter how large or small, and also to everyone who organised or who attended one of the fund-raising activities. This was indeed a whole-parish effort.

However, there is still further work required on Saint Mary's church, so we will be continuing to try to raise funds for this over the next few months and years.

How was your money spent during the 2017 project?

Stone crenellations on parapet to bay window above the altar

These were loose and were in danger of falling off, thereby having the potential to cause major injury or damage.

A photograph of this stonework before the work was carried out can be seen below.

A second photograph (below) shows the great improvement now that this part of the work has been completed.

We can all now rest assured that neither Fr. Christopher or Fr. Peter will be crushed by falling masonry as they enter or leave the presbytery!

Sacristy roof

This part of the church roof was original, having been in place since the current church was built in the 19th century. However, it was in a very sorry state (see photographs below). Leaks during rainstorms were leading to internal damage within the Sacristy itself.

The photograph below shows the excellent work and great improvement made.

Work on the west wall of the church

Here, the guttering and pointing was in a poor state of repairs, which meant that if there was a storm, water was very likely to penetrate through this wall to the inside of the church. (This had actually happened and so had damaged the interior decoration of our beautiful church).

The photograph below shows the poor state of the guttering before the work was undertaken.

The photograph below shows the greatly improved guttering which is now in place.