St Mary's

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church


Lent in a Can

Are you still wondering “What can I do for Lent?”

The Justice and Peace Group suggest "How about using our Saving Can?"

Keep the can as a visible reminder of Lent.  Use it to collect any money Saved from fasting, abstaining or completing a challenge. This can then be donated to CAFOD or to a charity of your choice.

A Saving Can saves your money, which can then be used to -

  • Save a child from dying through lack of medicine.
  • Save a refugee family from sleeping in the cold and rain.
  • Save a village from the effects of drinking dirty water.
  • Save a mother from not being able to feed her family.
  • Save a child from not being able to reach her potential through lack of education.

The cans will be available from J&P Group members during weekends 10th/11th and 17th/18th February. Each one will contain a prayer and ideas and challenges for Lent. Labels and leaflets will also be available if you want to use your own cans

If you do decide to donate any money saved to CAFOD you can do this through St. Mary's Church. Either use the CAFOD Fast Day envelopes or an envelope marked CAFOD and placing in the Offertory basket during Mass. Remember to Gift Aid your donations, if you can.

Also, the government has agreed to match fund any donations to CAFOD between 13th February and 12th May 2018.  So for every £1 you give the government gives a £1.