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Heavenfield Partnership - Ministries Meeting

We have now been together as a formal partnership for two years, and we have completed our third set of pilgrimage masses together.  We are becoming more familiar with each other, and I hope starting to recognise that each parish in the partnership has strengths and ideas that we can all share as we look to find our way ahead in the coming years.

The Partnership Development group has been working over the last year on creating a development plan. This is something that is intended to help us focus our efforts on strengthening and growing our communities in their faith.  We want to build on the strong base that we already have in place, and to try new ideas in all areas of our parish activities.

In particular we want to enable as many people as possible to participate in all types of activities, and to provide support to all types of expression of our faith – whether that be learning more about it and understanding it better, or putting it into action in the community around and about us – to be living examples of the Gospel.

Many of you are already involved in your parishes; in prayer groups, in singing, in teaching children, in reading at Mass, in welcoming people, in social events and in many many other ways.

You may have thoughts of joining in but are not quite sure how to, or who to approach. You may have ideas for doing things differently, or for types of group that we don’t currently have in the parish. You may just be waiting to be asked to help!

If any of those descriptions apply to you, - whether you are already involved, or would like to become involved, or have already retired from ‘active service’, but have some ideas, - we have arranged a forum for you to come and share your ideas, to make your inputs, and to tell us your thoughts on what we should be doing.  On Wednesday July the third, at 7pm, at St Mary’s Centre in Hexham, we are asking all of you, from across the partnership parishes, active or not, to come along and share your view of what we should be doing and how we should be doing it.  We want as many ideas as possible and we want you all to be actively involved in putting them into practice.

So please, mark the date in your diaries, or put it on a post it note on the Fridge – Wednesday July 3rd, 7pm at St Mary’s – and come along and bring your friends, and your experience, your expertise, and your enthusiasm, and play your part in creating the future that we all want.

Heavenfield Partnership Development Group (June 2019)