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Heavenfield Partnership Journey in Faith Programme 2019-20

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“Come and see” is Jesus’ invitation to two people who were interested in knowing more about him, his life and his message.

Life if full of questions, and questions about faith, its connection to daily life, to ‘me’, these are valid questions for anyone to ask. More detailed questions such as “What do Catholics believe?”, or what does the Catholic church teach about…?” are also good questions.

There are people who wonder what the Catholic faith is all about, and who may like to know more about what the Catholic church says on different topics. There may be people reading this item who have thought about becoming a Catholic.

On behalf of the Heavenfield Partnership of Catholic Parishes, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Hexham is running a ‘Journey in Faith’ programme. This is aimed firstly at those people who are interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith and church because they feel the Catholic church is something they might want to belong to, and secondly at those interested in knowing more about their own Catholic faith.

The programme will run on Tuesday evenings, from 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm, starting on 24th September, in St Mary’s Parish Centre, until just after Easter 2020. More details, including dates and topics of specific individual sessions, are available here. Please contact St Mary’s Parish Office on 01434 603119 and ask for Deacon Martin Bell if you have any questions about the programme. Alternatively, you can email

Everyone is welcome: “Come and see.”