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Galilee Talks Resume

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The 2017-18 series of Galilee Talks will resume on Saturday 30th September in the Parish Centre at St. Mary's.

As usual, the talks will cover a wide range of interesting and informative subjects. Each one will start at 11:00am, with refreshments served from 10:30am.

The talk on 30th September is entitled "Prayer: why bother?" and will be delivered by our own Permanent Deacon, Martin Bell. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Reverend Martin is a Permanent Deacon, having been ordained June 2016. He would not be a Deacon without the love and support of his family: he is married with three children. He firmly believes in the adage: ‘if you want to make Godlaugh, tell him your plans’.

What he thought was an early calling to a priestly vocation led instead to studying businessadministration and then personnel management / industrialrelations at university. This led to an emerging career in human resource management in the private sector. Disillusioned by private sector company ethics, Martin then moved into the charitable and voluntary / community sector. Various organisational change and development roles ensued; as did a sense of bewilderment and pondering: did what Martin ‘do’ in his practice of his faith on a Sunday make any difference to what he did at work Monday to Friday?
A continuing interest in spirituality in the workplace emerged, put on hold a little by formation studies for the permanent diaconate. Now working in the NHS, Martin is undertaking some post graduate studies in biblical interpretation.

Martin’s presentation to the Galilee Talks’ series is entitled “Prayer: what’s the point?” It is not so much a seminar in how to pray, but a reflection on why we pray and why we need prayer in our lives. Martin
will also address some of the challenges we can face in our prayer lives, encouraging us to embrace and not be afraid of the ‘desert times’, and of the need to allow ourselves to encounter God.