St Mary's

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church


Daily Update, 6th April 2020

Monday of Holy Week

Mass Today

  • First Reading = Isaiah 42: 1-7
  • Responsorial Psalm = Psalm 26 (27): 1-3, 13-14
  • Gospel Acclamation =

Praise and honour to you, Lord Jesus!

Hail to you, our King!

You alone have had compassion on our sins.

Praise and honour to you, Lord Jesus!

  • Gospel Reading = John 12: 1-11

Today’s Mass will be live streamed from Saint Mary’s, Hexham across our Partnership and beyond, from 6:00pm.

Today’s Mass is offered for the Repose of the Soul of Rose Marriott.

At 8:00pm today, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Benediction will be streamed live from Saint Mary’s, Hexham across our Partnership and beyond.


Useful web link:

Faith leaders discuss prayer and worship during the pandemic.

Cardinal Nicholls in conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chief Rabbi, discusses how faith in God sustains us at this time of the pandemic. This can be accessed by following the link:


A little bit of wisdom from Pope Francis

“And I want to repeat these three words please, thank you, sorry. Three essential words!

We say please so as not to be forceful in family life: “May I please do this?”, “Would you be happy if I did this?” We do this with a language that seeks agreement.

We say thank you, thank you for love! But be honest with me: how many times do you say thank you to your wife, and to your husband? How many days go by without uttering this word: thanks!

And the last word: sorry. We all make mistakes and on occasion someone gets offended in the marriage, in the family, and sometimes – I say – plates are smashed, harsh words are spoken. But please listen to my advice: don’t ever let the sun set without reconciling. Peace is made each day in the family: “Please forgive me,” and then you start over.

Please, thank you, sorry.