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Daily Update, 3rd April 2020

Friday of the 5th Week of Lent

Easter Duties

As you all know, it is a teaching of the Church and part of our Christian responsibility to make our Easter duties. The Church asks us, at Easter, or thereabouts, to: -

  • Receive Holy Communion
  • Go to Confession

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales have dispensed the Faithful from this obligation for 2020.

Cardinal Nicholls reminded us that we can fulfil these obligations for this year by making a Perfect Act of Contrition, similar to the Act of Spiritual Communion. Basically, we pray and make an honest examination of conscience and then pray this prayer, resolving to go to Confession as soon as is possible.’ Therefore, we are preparing as best we can for Easter. The Church reminds us that this prayer whilst we are prevented from going to Confession is heard by God who loves us and wants to forget our sins.

You can watch Cardinal Nicholls and hear him speak about our Easter duties by visiting

A traditional Act of Contrition: -

Oh, my God,
I am heartily sorry for
having offended Thee,
and I detest all my sins,
because I dread the loss of heaven,
and the pains of hell;
but most of all because
they offend Thee, my God,
Who are all good and
deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve,
with the help of Thy grace,
to confess my sins,
to do penance,
and to amend my life.


Mass Today

  • First Reading = Jeremiah 20: 10-13
  • Responsorial Psalm = Psalm 17 (18): 2-7
  • Gospel Acclamation = Matthew 4: 17
  • Gospel Reading = John 10: 31-42

Today’s Mass will be live streamed from Saint Mary’s, Hexham across our Partnership and beyond, from 6:00pm.

Today’s Mass is Intention is for Joe Dunwoodie.


A Little Bit of Wisdom from Pope Francis

When the Lord looks at our fragility, he invites us to take care of it not with fear but with courage.

“Don’t be afraid, I have overcome the world!” (John 16: 33)

“I am with you always until the end of the world.” (Matthew 28: 20)

Therefore, the awareness of one’s own fragility and its acknowledgement, as Peter did, will not make the Lord withdraw from us, but, on the contrary, will move him as in the case of Peter to send us on a mission, to urge us to set out into the deep water and become fishers of people.