St Mary's

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church


Coronavirus - Precautions Against an Outbreak

At their meeting on 4th March 2020, the Clergy of the Northumberland Vicariate discussed the Coronavirus outbreak, including independent medical advice.

The Clergy unanimously agreed that, until further notice, the following precautions will be taken in all the churches within the Northumberland Partnerships.

The Distribution of Holy Communion under both kinds is suspended.

It is strongly recommended that Holy Communion is received in the hand only.

Clergy and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist must wash their hands in hot soapy water or use sanitized gel before and after they distribute Holy Communion.

The Sign of Peace is suspended.

Hymn books must not be used. Instead, single-use hymn sheets will be printed and used at each Mass (Please take these away with you).

Holy Water stoups must be emptied and/or removed.

Everyone attending Mass is asked to sanitise their hands as they come into church using sanitized gel dispensers available in porches and entrances (Note - we are currently trying to obtain a supply of sanitized gel for use within our churches).

Everyone is asked to maintain good personal hygiene, especially at Mass and other parish gatherings.

Bishop Robert Byrne has been informed of these arrangements and has given his approval.

If you have any concerns or questions, please speak to Fr. Christopher Warren, Deacon Martin Bell, or contact the Parish Office.