St Mary's

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church


Coronavirus Parishes' Support

We urge all parishioners to follow and keep up to date with Coronavirus advice from H. M. Government and Public Health England. As far as is practicably possible, we will endeavour to help you to do this.

During this difficult time, we all have a responsibility to look out for one another. With this in mind, we are trying to co-ordinate groups of volunteers (one group for each of the parishes for which Fr Christopher has pastoral responsibility) to provide non-medical help to our most vulnerable parishioners and those who are in need. This help would be things like picking up food and/or other urgent supplies, or simply a friendly ‘phone call.

If you are under 70 years old and do not fall into any of the “at-risk” categories, or if you would find it useful to have help such as this, please get in touch with the Parish Office ( or 01434 603119)